Stompbox files

(Sorry this page is so lousy, but it's under construction and will be updated further)
Here are some PCB and parts layout files I created for some neat stompboxes. Pretty much these are from ROG and Electrictabs, who did the REAL work. Thanks guys!!
ROG & Electrictabs: If you would like for me to remove these postings, please e-mail me at
Right-click, save as, and ENJOY!!


VoxEXP II - Doug Hammond's VoxEXP updated with trimpots
VoxEXP II Parts Layout

Sweet 16 - Doug Hammond's 16volt Sweet Thing
Sweet 16 PCB
Sweet 16 Parts Layout

Plexizer - Mojotron's Marshall Plexi emulator.
Plexizer PCB
Plexizer Parts Layout

JCM800 - Electrictabs' JCM800 emulator. It has a great crunch and a variety of gain available.
JCM800 Parts Layout

Dr. Boogey - Electrictabs' now-famous Rectifier emulator. My favorite 'metal pedal' now.
Dr. Boogey PCB
Dr. Boogey Parts Layout

Boogeyman - Electrictabs' Mesa Mark IIC+ emulator.
Boogeyman PCB
Boogeyman Parts Layout

Matchbox - Runoffgroove's Matchless emulator.
Matchbox PCB
Matchbox Parts Layout